Training Deep Neural Nets and object recognition

How do you make your child associate a particular object to a word?


You show the object, point to it and utter something(the word) and the child gets it.

You can consider the object as the cat in above picture.

Now, what are the faculties or requisites preexisting in that child’s mind that made him get what the object is about with such a minimal training?

  1. He perceives depth.
  2. He was able to discretize different entities (cat, home, ground, wall, plant, sand etc) disregard to colour variations in each entity.
  3. He was able to discretize sub-entities inside the big entities like roof, wall, front door in the home entity.
  4. He might have already associated few entities with words or concepts.



Now consider training a Neural network without this hierarchical usability of other faculties.

Evidence for hierarchical nature of human brain processing:

The middle ground of Connectionists and GOFAI(especially in putting knowledge into the machine by brute force):

Environmental programming:


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