Limits and hierarchical nature of understanding

Do you know what is anamoranistion?

I guess you don’t know, ok let me explain.

anamoranistion is a danjiar formed by joining jukione and serkolit back to back.

Do you have any idea what it is now?

No, until and unless I come down to define anamoranistion in terms of words you know, you can’t understand it.

From this, we can probably deduce empirically that part of learning a new concept is looking at it from the level of already available faculties in the mind.

Many times relational structures are used to explain new concept analogically, for example, c is to d, like what a is to b. Even here, you need to know the relation between a and b to understand the relation between c and d.

This is why learning a subject is not passive but an active endeavor where you need to investigate the new concept until you get to define it using the concepts already available in your mind. You shouldn’t expect the teacher to guess the highest stupidity in the classroom and teach from that perspective.

Sorry for the words at the beginning, they are just made up to convey my point.:)

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