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Executive Summary

A very high-level view of project (10,000 feet view). This is one paragraph briefing of what you are trying to achieve and what this project brings to customers. Targeted for high level managers, this portion should be very brief yet specific enough to buy in managers’ attention. Do not use items here and stick with a narrative paragraph.

Current State

Current state of systems and procedures which contains problem, waste, error, or potential hazard your customer experience today. This is a brief paragraph accompanied with items representing each specific issue. Back your statement of problems with metrics.

  • current issue1 (e.g. 50% of customers suffer from website loading times)
  • current issue2

Desired State

Again a brief paragraph plus items explaining the desired state. When you picture desired state do not think of how to achieve it but think of what delivers value to your customer. Draw ideal state for your customers here, specifically what features they’ll get or use-cases they can now achieve (e.g. mini Press Release benefits).

  • desired state 1 (e.g. Not even one customer suffers from load delays)
  • desired state 2

Objectives (Success Criteria)

  • Itemized list of success criteria
  • This section should be itemized and metric based
  • This is an achievable list of desired states, which you can check your project success with.
  • e.g. Website load time reduced to 10% of current delay

Project Definition

One or two small paragraphs to explain how you are achieving desired state. This is mostly explaining how you are implementing your project / procedure. Avoid very long narratives and use sections below to itemize your project.

In Scope

  • List of what you are going to deliver
  • e.g. Website loading time

Out of Scope

  • List of thing that are not in your projects scope and not related to your success criteria
  • So many things can be out of scope, use your judgement and common sense
  • e.g. Website look and feel


  • List of services, tools, products, procedures, policies, … your project depends on

Related Projects

  • Current projects and tools related to your projects goal
  • This is very important section as we want to find available tools that are trying to do same things and avoid reinventing the wheel
  • You may find some available tool that can be changed to deliver your goals, use them.


  • list of benefits in a measurable and metric based statements


  • Cost items and an estimation of cost
  • e.g. One full-time full stack developer

Risks and Blockers

  • List of risks and blockers
  • e.g. release of new website next year will make this project moot
  • e.g. Project will be blocked until release of new version of Android


  • Itemize your milestones and loose estimation of deadlines
  • e.g. Analysis of current delays in two weeks


  • Your customers, beneficiaries, and other related people (except for people in the next section)

Project Team and Sponsors

  • Project team, related managers, Sponsors

High Level Test Plan

  • Describe the high level plan on how/what needs to verified for the project to assure that it is working as intended
    • E.G. – If the project relies on Apollo’s deployments to block, the project should include testing that verifies the behavior between the project functionality and Apollo
  • This should serve as a check list on what needs to be verified before releasing to Prod


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