Amaravati city plan- Emerging world class destination

Blue-green happy city:

Amaravati city plan is one of the very few well-planned cities with an abundant supply of all the basic human needs at a very low and affordable cost. In addition, The planning of the city is very advanced based on the learnings of many major cities in the world like Amsterdam, London, Chandigarh etc. Apart from that, It is addressing all kinds of problems like traffic, drinking water, pollution, drainage, electricity, employment, education, administration, sports, tourism etc with very advanced solutions.In addition, The city is abundant of greenery and water lakes from river Krishna.

Amaravati real estate

Amaravati city plan


Firstly, The secretariat skyscrapers are built with latest diagrid technology and raft foundation. In addition, There is an educational zone, green park zone, commercial zone for every 1 km. Three major universities i.e VIT, SRM, and Amrita churning out world-class engineers every year. Secondly, Singapore has built a world-class facility for IT, R&D, startup village and other service sector hubs. In conclusion, The real estate market in Amaravati has grown 20x times in last 5 years once the Amaravati city plan has been announced.

Tourism Plan in Amaravati city plan

Firstly, The tourism circuit plan proposes a religious
tourism circuit which connects all the important
religious and cultural heritage sites to provide
tourists with a well-connected tourism network.
Therefore, This circuit will further tap to the Capital region tourism circuit
. Tourism circuit will be
anchored with the following key destinations

  1. Bhavani islands.
Bhavani islands
  1. Amaravathi Temple and Budda Statue
  2. Ananthavaram Temple
  3. Neerukonda Hill
  4. Kondapalli Fort
  5. Undavalli Caves
  6. Mangalagiri Temple
  7. Kanakadurga Temple

Public Transport

  1. Firstly, Integrated Land use transportation planning with
    well-connected public Transportation is planned in
    Amaravati city plan.
  2. Secondly, A grid network is planned with 4
    hierarchy of roads, the proposed bus priority
    routes/ BRT and future Public Transportation
    (MRT) network run on the Sub arterial roads
    connecting all the town centres and commercial
    and recreational hubs.
  3. In addition, Pedestrian Friendly City: Non-Motorized Transport plan
    Dedicated non-motorized transport facilities are
    planned in the proposed road Network.
  4. Apart from that, It is important to implement proper non-motorised transport
    networks to ensure the safety of passengers and
    create environment-friendly city transport system.
  5. In addition, The NMT plan consists of two hierarchies – Primary
    hierarchy network connects nature areas with City
    parks (Nature parks, canal parks, City parks and
    recreational zones).
  6. In conclusion, The secondary hierarchy network
    consists of the neighborhood parks and town parks.
    These hierarchy routes are especially dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists.

Type of Roads ROW(Mts) Length in Km
Seed Access
Road 60 19.30
Major Arterial
Roads 60 51.70
Arterial 50 88.20
Sub Arterial 50 158.40
Collector Roads 25 324.57
LPS Roads 1100

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