Who will win 2019 elections in AP?

Chandrababu Naidu will win 2019 elections in AP with huge majority like never before. Below are the reasons for that:

In 2014 assembly elections, TDP won 117 seats and YSRCP won only 70 seats. Even in these seats, the majority is huge in places where TDP won, whereas there was only a marginal difference in the majority for many constituencies where YSRCP won.

Ap elections 2019


If you look at the above graph, it is very clear that Rayalaseema is the region where TDP was weak. In this five years, CBN has accomplished many things for rayalaseema to gain their vote bank. Some of them are:

  1. He completed Pattiseema and Handri Neeva to give water for lakhs of acres in Rayalaseema.
  2. Brought KIA motors to Anantapur district, biggest FDI in the history of India.
  3. Promoted and brought a lot of companies and employment to Sri city.
  4. Encouraged horticulture and made Chittoor as the district with high agriculture income.
  5. Brought IT companies to Tirupati and also made Tirupati one of the cleanest cities in India.
  6. rought steel plant to Kadapa district.
  7. All the four districts of Rayalaseema have Airports.

All of these are going to play in favor of Chandrababu Naidu and will be a cakewalk for him to win in 2019 elections in AP.

Coastal Andhra

Guntur and Krishna districts were already strong districts for TDP and it is going to be a clean sweep as many of the farmers in and around the new capital city Amaravati has become Multi-millionaires over night because of Chandrababu’s decision.

Making Vizag one of the cleanest cities in India, bringing Google X to Vizag, responding to Hudhud and bringing normalcy in no time are huge factors influencing TDP’s victory in this district.

Governments undertaking during Titli cyclone is also going to increase the chances of winning for TDP in srikakulam district.

There were few seats given to BJP in last elections which will be gained by TDP in 2019 elections.

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  1. The analysis seems to be correct and only thing is that “We all should encourage CBN” to do more for AP and to develop the AP in all aspects.

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