Why Jeff Bezos divorce MacKenzie?

Jeff Bezos divorce:

Us media reports that Jeff Bezos divorces because Mr Bezos has been romantically involved with a former Fox TV host, Lauren Sánchez. This could be the main reason for their divorce. Though they are getting divorced, it seems there are getting separated as friends. The divorced couple would still be partners in professional and philanthropic lives.

Jeff Bezos divorce:

Jeff Bezos divorce, Bezos and Lauren.

The shares of Amazon, owned by Jeff are expected to be split equally between the couple. The couple have four children.

In 2013, MacKenzie Bezos told Vogue Magazine that she had met Jeff when he interviewed her for a job at a hedge fund in New York.

They got engaged after three months of dating and married shortly after, in 1993.

One year later he founded Amazon – which began as an online book retailer.

The company has since expanded into an e-commerce giant.

Amazon was worth $797bn (£634bn) when the US stock market closed on Monday, after rising 3.4% and moving past Microsoft, valued at $789bn.

The couple last year launched a charitable fund together, dubbed the Day One Fund. The statement Wednesday suggests they will continue to work together on that effort.

MacKenzie Bezos, a 48-year-old novelist, is often cited in the Amazon origin story as having supported her husband’s move off of Wall Street and into e-commerce. Last year, Jeff Bezos said in an interview with his brother Mark at the SummitLA conference that he was looking for a resourceful woman “who could get [him] out of a third-world prison” as he was going through a series of blind dates before he met MacKenzie. (Jeff Bezos has repeated that story several times over the decades.)

Shares of Amazon dipped slightly immediately following the announcement before paring those losses.

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