How to find my passion?

First of all, I think how to find my passion is the right question to be asked instead of What I want to be in my life. Because society can showcase some mindless mundane jobs with the very high financial potential to be very charismatic and you might fall for that trap.

Now, Let’s come to your question.

What do you enjoy contributing?

Honestly, I believe any sane person is capable of appreciating beauty or brilliance in any field if they understand that beauty. Some of them are very intuitive and can be easily understood and appreciated. For instance, works of Charlie Chaplin or magicians etc. For some of them, you need to be trained to even understand the beauty. For instance, the works of Einstein, picassso etc.

So, if you set out to look for finding your passion by the standards of what you appreciate, you will find a whole lot of them. Some of them are intuitive and few others which you are reasonably trained to appreciate it’s beauty. Hence, you will be confused to choose one among them. Apart from that, what you appreciate doesn’t necessarily imply that you enjoy practicing that profession.

Now, let’s say you set out to look for your passion by the standards of what you like doing(by the way, you gotta be productive and contribute to society in some way to survive right), I would say this doesn’t work either.

Let me explain this with my thought experiment

You choose any field. Let’s name some of them to spice it up, cricket, poetry, Practicing math, Engineering cool things, Trying to figure out theories of nature or mind etc.

Flow State:

If you want to be consistently happy and contented practicing your chosen field, You shouldn’t be feeling stuck at any stage of development. For this to be satisfied, you need to be consistently challenged and you need to be able to consistently develop your skill set in the field to overcome those challenges. (In case you are wondering, yes I am talking about Mihály Csíkszentmihályi‘s flow state ). 

So, you will be happy practicing in any field as long as you stay in flow state.

So, the issue here is not with what you want to do with your life, rather How to maintain what you do in life in the right track i.e flow state.

How to find my passion

Let’s discuss about challenges first

  1. Now don’t wake up one day and challenge yourself with ‘I want to build  smartest robot ever’ or any such kind of huge challenges, because you will most probably end up disappointed or depressed for not being able to reinforce yourself with expected achievement for a long period of time and you will eventually give up.Instead lower your expectations and chunk your challenge into large number of smaller challenges.
  2. Personally, I don’t mind whether the challenge is imposed on me by my boss or myself as long as it fits into my vision and augments my development cycle.

Coming to skills

  • Now you have a challenge, but if you don’t
  • what skills to be developed or How to develop those skills or when to implement the skills you have developed to overcome the challenge, then you are bound to fail. You won’t have opportunities to find answers for the above questions all the time.
  • That’s why they say persistence is key to success so that if you cling on to it for a long time you will probably find the opportunity to find answers and,
  • you most likely won’t leave that opportunity because of desperate thirst you were feeling for so long.  It takes a right coach or teacher to guide you through above questions and keep you in the track of flow state(for me it is Google most of the times, but this doesn’t work for many fields).

So, Now choose a field where you have high probability of staying in flow state for long period of time i.e

  1. Where you have the opportunity to challenge yourself,
  2. Where your challenges fit into your bigger story and skill set
  3. And where you can consistently find resources and guidance to develop your skills until you reach the frontiers of the field. Once you reach the frontiers, Don’t expect to stay in the flow state anymore. Because that is not the realm of hard work and persistence anymore, it is the realm of creativity.

Guess I should give this right finish

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.- Newton

How to climb on to the shoulders of giants, that is what I was talking about, flow state.

  • In conclusion, How to find my passion needs to be addressed by answering,
  • what keeps you engaged in the flow state?
  • Is it productive?
  • Do I have good guidance support?

Hope this helps..:)

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