raise a child

How to raise a child

Educational growth of child:

1. Firstly, Teach one regional/local language and one global language to raise a global child.

2. Also, educate him with moral philosophy, capitalism, socialism, and law of the land.

3. In addition, teach him financial skills which include inflation, real estate, stocks, assets, liabilities, negotiation, tax, good debt vs bad debt, banking, moat, cash flow, valuation, income statement, balance sheet etc.

4. Apart from that, Streamline his focus to gain one or two high-income skills. They enable him to earn money independent of location and without being an employee. Some of them might be Digital marketing (Search engine optimization), High ticket closing, Real estate agent, YouTuber or blogger, artist etc.

5. Above all, tune him to good habits from childhood. Some of them are maintaining a proper diet, being fit, staying away from addictions and influences, reading books, writing etc.

6. Teach him to stay updated with current affairs and trends and do asset allocation accordingly.

7. In addition, teach him optimization, it is one of the common theme sought in almost all the fields starting from Machine learning to increasing business profit margins.

7. Finally, train him on the subjects of logic, reasoning skills, psychology and little about the brain.

Behavioral recommendations to raise a child:

1. Firstly, Never demean the child. It kills his confidence and public speaking skills.

2. In addition, reward for positives, teach instead of punishing for negatives.

3. Apart from that, Teach him how to respect without fear and deny without hurt.

4. Finally, encourage him to build his own network of positive people and stay away from parasitic kind.

Some concepts I personally recommend to raise a child are:

  1. Flow state psychology.
  2. AynRand’s Objectivism.
  3. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  4. Rich dad poor dad.
  5. Book on outliers emphasizing on right thing in the right time at right place.

In conclusion, These principles help parents raise a child to be a self-sufficient, mature, competent, independent, productive individual.


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